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Serving The Youth and Families of Fremont County Since 1977
  Serving The Youth and Families of Fremont County Since 1977
Serving The Youth and Families of Fremont County Since 1977
Fremont County Group Homes Runaway and Homeless Youth Programs  



The purpose of this program is to provide 24-hour crisis intervention, shelter services, treatment, family

mediation, and after-care.



Eligible Youth

Runaway youth are youth who have runaway or are contemplating running away. Homeless youth meet the requirement by either having no home or by being released by a state agency with no home to go to, or by some financial mishap deemed homeless. 11years old through 17 years old


Ineligible Youth

Youth not eligible are those who are:

      1.      violent

      2.      under the affects of drugs or alcohol

      3.      severely emotionally disturbed


Intake Procedures

When a youth or agency requests shelter service, an intake worker is assigned to the youth. The intake worker

is the worker who is on call for this program (refer to monthly staff schedule). The intake worker identifies the immediate needs of the youth. Needed emergency services are determined by an interview with the youth,

referring agency and parent or legal guardian. Emergency services are provided directly or by referral. 

Required emergency services are noted in the resident's file.


Before the youth is formally accepted into the program, the intake worker explains the services offered, what is required of the youth, and ask the youth to sign an agreement to participate.


Telephone service to the runaway and homeless youth program is available 24-hours a day. Telephone contact

is used to determine the emergency needs of the youth (such as shelter services, or the need to refer the youth for other services).


Resident File

The resident file shall include:

      1.         Basic background information on the youth

      2.         The primary worker's name

      3.         Documentation of parent or guardian contact

      4.         Time frame for services

      5.         Service plan

      6.         Shelter provided

      7.         Individual and family counseling documentation (i.e. discussion topics)

      8.         Aftercare services

      9.         Recreational activities

   10.         Termination, alternative living arrangements or placement and case disposition




If a minor requests shelter, intake staff ascertain need and the situation which precipitated the request. The intake worker will contact on-call staff with any questions prior to acceptance. After establishing need and assessing the situation, the minor may be admitted. If the situation warrants (i.e. alleged sexual abuse), social services or law enforcement is contacted prior to contacting parents. Staff contact parents within 24 hours to explain the situation and answer questions.


Parental or Guardian Contact

A parent or guardian is contacted within 12 hours of a youth's placement in shelter services.


If shelter is provided, it is for a maximum of 15 days and is defined as, room and board with 24-hour a day adult supervision.



Food (at least two meals a day) is provided to residents. Menus are planned weekly and snacks are available two times daily. 


Recreational Activities

Activities such as fishing, bike-riding, camping and wilderness experience are available to each youth. During the school year, week-ends are devoted to recreation and leisure activities. In the summer months, one wilderness experience and several camping and fishing trips are scheduled when they do no conflict with residents' work or home visits. Evenings are spent playing games or watching television. Leisure activities such as swimming or working-out are available through the city's parks department and athletic club. All recreational activities should reflect the residents interests and be age appropriate.


Family Mediation

Family mediation is offered to youth and family. They have to voluntarily commit to the three sessions offered. They also then need to make a commitment to follow through on any additional services recommended by the Family Mediation Specialist. This service is provided free-of-charge. At the end of the three sessions, if the youth and family need additional services, they are referred to an appropriate agency.


Individual and Group Counseling

Individual and group counseling is available to all residents.


Termination and Case Disposition

The primary worker, youth, parents and any involved agency meet prior to the release of the youth to determine  the most appropriate placement and any additional service the youth and family may require.

Discharge of a youth from our program is implemented when:

1. The youth no longer requires services because of completion of program service to the youth. 

Procedure followed:

When a youth has completed the program or is ready to exit the program, the Case manager meets with the youth, family (if possible), referring agency and other agency personnel as appropriate. To clearly outline the discharge the plan which includes:

               - living arrangements

               - educational situation

               -counseling (who/when)

               -referrals to other agencies

               - follow-up responsibility

               - conditions for exiting

2. The youth has chosen to terminate service with our agency. 

               Procedure followed:

Contact the referring agency or family as to the youth's choice to leave. If possible discuss with the youth the consequences of an early exit, options for a support system, and assure the youth should they want to return to the program they can. 



Program staff arrange transportation to living arrangement, either by program transportation, parental transpor-

tation or homemaker services. Arrangements for long-distance travel require an adult at their destination to assist resident. Services for the youth in aftercare include individual and/or family counseling and a home check within 6 hours, if possible, by primary staff to assure the youth's safe arrival. Follow-up contacts are made at thirty days, four months, eight months and one year after the youth leaves the program, if needed.


Agency Linkages

Since Fremont County Group Homes have been in existence for over 24 years, agencies have agreements to work cooperatively with our agency in regard to youth and families. Agencies are kept abreast of our project through personal contact by program staff. This contact may include: need for additional services, progress of project and assistance with case disposition. 


In addition, program staff attend weekly meetings of SWAT (School Wide Assessment Team) and Child

Protection Team. During these meetings, updates on youth and the project are disseminated. (Note: At these meetings, a representative of the County Attorney's office, Mental Health Center, school and law enforcement are also present.)


Staffing and Supervision

Fremont County Group Home, Inc. operates under the standards set by the state regarding staff to client ratio. The standards require one staff person for every five clients. Over five clients requires two staff persons. Residents are supervised twenty-four hours a day. Overnight staff and alarms are utilized from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am. 


Youth Participation

The program actively seeks youth in Lander and Riverton to consult on this program. Recruiting youth is done by contacting youth who have been through this program or have been recommended by agency staff. Once a youth is identified, contact is made. Staff explains the program and expectations of this volunteer position. The expectations are as follows.

      1.      The youth has a background of similar problems and has dealt with the problem through counseling.

      2.      Consult on service delivery and project goals.

      3.      Assist the program in outreach efforts.

      4.      Attend bi-monthly review sessions on cases and outreach for the program.


Program Planning

Annually, program personnel meet to review the year's data and services. Staff includes all Group Home staff and a youth consultant. During this meeting, gaps in services are identified and appropriate steps are taken to solve any problems. Policy will be changed when necessary to reflect these steps.

Board of Directors

The Fremont County Group Homes' Board of Directors is the advisory Board for this program. Relevant data and progress will be reviewed monthly. Training is available to Board members if requested. The Board is also involved in the annual review of program goals, objectives and activities and is documented in the Board Meeting Minutes


Community Outreach/Education

It is the responsibility of all staff and Board members to be familiar with the RHY program and to be available to conduct Outreach/education presentations. Staff assure social service agencies, law enforcement and schools are aware of the project. Quarterly contact will be conducted with lead agency personnel. In addition to community meetings and task forces, education to social organizations will be available upon request. Outreach on an  informal basis is conducted daily by virtue of staff, Board member and past client contact with community agencies or individuals. 


Formal activities

  • updates at community meeting
  • letters annually to all agencies involved with youth
  • reminder letters are sent to local newspapers annually
  • presentations to various community organizations including information on runaway services
  • cards describing services and telephone numbers are to be given to all youth serving agencies to pass along to potential consumers



Confidentiality is vital to this program. All staff and residents must sign a confidentiality statement, which

reflects the issue of confidentiality during and after exiting the program. 


Serving The Youth and Families of Fremont County Since 1977  
  Serving The Youth and Families of Fremont County Since 1977

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Serving The Youth and Families of Fremont County Since 1977  
Serving The Youth and Families of Fremont County Since 1977